Saturday, December 25, 2010

Day 25: Recap

So today was Chrsitmas!!! Christmas was great this year, as always. This year was special because it was my first White Christmas! My original plan for this last post was to make a model out of the Lego sets I got today, but to my surprise I didn't get any Lego sets! So instead, I am going to post some of the most notable characters featured in The Advent Project this year. So lets go one layer at a time and see the cast of this year's blog.

Here is my Sig-Fig with the micro snowman.

Here is the Kid-In-His-Pajamas and Dobby!

Now lets give it up for the elves!!!

Here is Homeless Joe, Minifig Max, Intrepid Explorer, and the Dad.

Here are the Clone Troopers, the Soldier-Guy-Who-Got-A-Letter, and the Jingle-belling Darth Vader.

Here is a final shot of the cast. Without them the Advent Project would not be possible, so give them a round of applause, even if they are plastic.

So with no followers, and no comments that means The Advent Project failed, right? Wrong! I have learned a lot from these 25 days of building and have had a lot of fun. It is a great way to celebrate Chrsitmas and I will definately be doing this again next year. I will also work harder to get more publicity for this blog, and to post my MOCs at a better time. Until next year,

Buzz Droid

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  1. I can't believe no one let you know they were following. I did!! Sorry I didn't say so. I thought you were very creative, even if I didn't understand it all the time. But I will always remember your Christmas shrub and reference to our cactus. Please keep writing and creating. You have a gift for this and many other things.
    Love ya'