Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 11: A Licensed Christmas: Villains

The villains of the silver screen have decided to take advantge of a month long truce to celebrate Christmas like every other person in the galaxy. Villains are people too you know!

Darth Vader has discovered that jingle bells are incredible addictive. Maybe he should join the salvation army.

Lotso is drinking hot cocoa while playing with his new dump truck. Isn't it ironic that a toy is playing with a toy? I wonder if the dump truck comes to life when Lotso is away.

The bad guys have prepared a magnificent feast for Christmas this year. Lucius Malfoy is eying that chicken leg suspiciously. It looks like it could have come from one of his pet peacocks. Don't you hate it when evil overlords take over your house?

Here is the Chrismas tree. Since the Malfoys are a pure-blooded family, they like to keep century long traditions, hence the house elf head topping the tree. As you can see, the only thing under this tree is coal. Oh well, at least they will be warm this winter.

And here is a picture of my microscale dump truck. I seem to be doing a lot of microscale in this project. This definitely isn't the best I've done, but I like it anyway.

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