Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 10: A Licensed Christmas: Heroes

In light of the Christmas season, heroes and villains from across the silver screen have started a month-long truce in which they can celebrate the holidays.

Yoda decided to go all out with his elf costume this year. It's all in the ears.

Harry is using his magic wand to light some candles. Naughty Harry! You shouldn't be using magic outside of school. Coal for you!!!

Woody is having a blast playing with a toy soldier and a toy cannon. Get it, "blast"? Ha Ha Ha! O.K., enough bad puns.

Anakin is using the force to levitate his mistletoe in hopes that 2011 will bring a new Padme' minifig. We haven't had one of those in almost ten years!

Here is the Vig without the minifigs and floating mistletoe. You can see that Santa has left a gift for each of our heroes. There is also a radio playing Celestina Warbeck. That is probably why none of the Weasleys are present. Get it, pres-- sorry, I promised no more bad puns.

Here is a picture of my miniature toy solider with his cannon. Indecently, I want a cannon for Christmas too, but it's the kind you take pictures with. That doesn't count as a pun!

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